1. Pray for Paul Federwitz, LBT’s IT Coordinator, as he spends time in Sierra Leone working with national partners to provide training on computer programs used for translation and publishing.
  2. Pray for Nathan and Julia Federwitz, who began their first year of college at Concordia University Wisconsin last month.
  3. Pray for Paul and Ali Federwitz and their family as they serve in Ghana.
  4. Pray for God’s wisdom, strength, and mercy for Rev. Carl and Kelsey Grulke as they continue their studies at GIAL.
  5. Pray for Rev. Nathan and Sarah Esala as they serve remotely in the United States.
  6. Pray for Rev. David Federwitz as he travels to Nigeria to meet with missionaries and international partners.
  7. Pray that the Lord would direct, inspire, and grant travel mercies to Martin and Joan Weber as they share about their ministry in Cameroon with prayer and financial supporters in the United States.
  8. Pray for blessings of guidance, unity, and inspiration for the Nizaa New Testament translation team in Cameroon as they begin translation exercises this month.
  9. Praise God for Rev. Linus Otronyi and Rev. Kierien Ayugha, LBT’s international associates in Nigeria.
  10. Praise God for the Lutheran Church of Nigeria as they celebrate their 80th anniversary this weekend.
  11. Pray for blessings of wisdom and peace for the United States this election year and in memory of the attacks on 9/11, which was fifteen years ago today.
  12. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Kara Kuhn as she teaches her son, Tobias, who is starting a grade-school curriculum in Cameroon.
  13. Please pray for the efforts of Bible translation and Scripture engagement among the Themne people of Sierra Leone.
  14. Please pray for wisdom for Rev. Tim and Lisa Beckendorf as they plan to share about their Botswana ministry during partnership development in the United States this fall.
  15. Pray for Pastor Mandita Kunuma and other Ipili leaders in Papua New Guinea as they encourage people to read or listen to God’s Word in their own language.
  16. Praise God for the family that graciously hosted Michael Ersland from May through August in Ghana. May God bless him through all he learned during his stay.
  17. Pray as the Gola team in Liberia works to find an additional dedicated translator for the team.
  18. Pray for Rev. Chuck Tessaro as he meets with the Ikwerre Bible translation team in Nigeria to look at passages in Genesis, Psalms, and Isaiah.
  19. Pray that the Dowayo and Vuté teams in Cameroon will receive consultant assistance and will make progress in their Lutheran lectionaries.
  20. Pray for Rev. Rich Rudowske as he meets with translation teams in Botswana.
  21. Praise God for LBT’s dedicated volunteers, prayer partners, and financial supporters.
  22. Pray for blessings and safety for Becky Grossmann’s son, Luke, and her husband, Al, as they celebrate birthdays this month.
  23. Please pray for the Wagner family (and nanny Hannah Brown) as they return to Sierra Leone, after being in South Africa to treat Josiah’s whooping cough.
  24. Pray for the Hilbert family as they balance family, homeschool, and living in Botswana.
  25. Pray for missionaries and partners in Liberia as they prepare and plan for 2017.
  26. Pray for travel mercies for LBT’s recruitment coordinator Tim Bain as he visits college campuses this fall semester.
  27. Pray for the Zayse, Dirayta, Konso, Ale, and Tsamakko teams in Ethiopia as they translate God’s Word into their languages.
  28. Pray for Amy Formella as she plans partnership development visits around the United States over the coming months.
  29. Pray for blessings of God’s guidance for Rob and Eshinee Veith as they serve in Botswana.
  30. Pray for God’s grace, mercy, and peace for Rev. Chris and Christina LaBoube as they serve in Ghana.