Rob Hilbert

Rob Hilbert

Project Coordinator, Shekgalagari NT Translation Project

Mical Hilbert

Mical Hilbert

Exegetical Advisor, Shekgalagari NT Translation Project

The Hilberts are currently serving as advisors on the Shekgalagari New Testament translation. They are living in Botswana in the Kalahari Desert region with their three children Carsten (5), Annabelle (3), and Josephine (10 months).

Prior to serving in Botswana the Hilberts served in Sierra Leone. They were evacuated during the peak of the Ebola outbreak.

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The Hilberts are currently working in Botswana and remain inspired to help others possess the translated Word in their heart language.

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  • Household Setup expenses – FULLY FUNDED 100%
  • Shekgalagari Literacy Project – FULLY FUNDED 100%


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PRAY: We are looking for people to pray for Rob and Mical.

The translation team would love to be in your prayers to help inspire them to complete the New Testament in Shekgalagari. The Hilberts send out periodic updates and would love to update you on how things are going!

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Robert grew up outside of Chicago and attended Valparaiso University. He later served with the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa. He has experience in training, mother-tongue literacy, and translation. Additionally he has an MBA with a focus in project management, an MA in Applied Anthropology with a focus in literacy, and a certificate in Applied Linguistics. He has studied Hebrew and Greek at the Concordia Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Mical grew up in Guatemala as a missionary kid and attended the University of Indiana. She later lived in Chicago where she and Robert met. She worked in private accounting before discovering her aptitude for linguistics. She has an MS in Accounting and Finance, an MA in Descriptive Linguistics, and a certificate in Applied Linguistics. She has studied Hebrew and Greek at the Concordia Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Robert and Mical have three children, Carsten (5), Annabelle (3), and Josephine (10 months). The children are being taught by Mical and enjoy having a yard to play in that is entirely sand! The family feels called to work in Botswana and would love to have your support!

Household Setup Project – The House that the Hilberts live in is small, but adequate for their needs. The children share a bedroom which leave a room for their school room.  Although it is a simple home, it was rented unfurnished and required some repairs before it was livable. We appreciate your help to fund these basic setup costs.

Shekgalagari Literacy Project – A literacy program promotes the development of the language as a whole. This is incredibly important so that once the Bible is published, resources exist alongside it which help people to read it.

Currently Shekgalagari, although spoken by 270,000 people, is not taught in school and no literacy classes exist for it. The Shekgalagari Bible Translation Project (SBTP) would like to publish a lexicon, transitional primer, various Christian materials, and other helpful healthcare based books (especially regarding HIV prevention) to help promote the Shekgalagari language and improve the lives of the Bakgalagari (people of the Kalahari). These materials will then be distributed to various locations and individuals in the Kalahari.