Translation Consultant, United States

Rev. Larry and Mae Johnson first heard of the work of LBT in 1968 while Larry was attending seminary. It was a shock to learn that millions of people were not able to read God’s Word in their own language. The Johnsons in faith met this challenge and obtained training in translating the Bible at the Summer Institute of Linguistics in North Dakota. Larry later received his M.A. in linguistics at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

The Johnsons, along with their three children, first went to Liberia in 1973 to work as Bible translators among the Kisi people. Their fourth child, Sara, was born in Liberia. The Kisi New Testament was completed in 1989. To see Kisi people using this New Testament has been a highlight of the Johnsons’ ministry.  The complete Kisi Bible was dedicated in 2014.  Hundreds of Kisi people are reading God’s Word, thousands are hearing it read in church in the language which speaks to their hearts. God’s Word is going forth and touching lives.

After completion of the Kisi New Testament in 1989, Larry was asked to become a translation consultant, working with several translation projects both in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  In this work, he is to provide training to national translators in translation principles, to check the translations for exegetical accuracy, and assist the teams in preparing Scripture materials for printing. Prior to starting this work, he studied at Fuller Theological Seminary, receiving a Th.M. degree in intercultural studies and was a Ph.D. student there. In 2012, after completing the checking of the Old Testaments with the Kisi and Kpelle translation projects in Liberia, he was asked to be the translation consultant working with LBT translation projects in Botswana, where he is presently working.

Please pray that God will continue to strengthen and guide the Johnsons.  Pray for them as Larry’s travel causes long periods of separation. Pray for safety for Larry in his travels. Pray for wisdom for Larry as he works with the translation teams, checking that God’s Word would be translated accurately. Pray that God will supply all their needs so they can continue to serve Him.

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