Rev. Andrew and Alexis Olson are excited to serve the Lord to bring Scripture to the ends of the earth.

Andrew grew up in the Minneapolis area. At age 13, his family was called to teach at a Bible College in Tanzania for nine months. During this time he felt the call to serve in Bible translation ministry. He saw the fruits of a missionary’s work as numerous people were brought into God’s kingdom after viewing the Jesus film.

Andrew received a BA in Christian Ministry from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He then spent a year in Uganda helping to translate curricula for the Ambassador Institute. While in Uganda he met Alexis. Upon his return to the U.S. the two kept in touch. Andrew attended seminary and received a Masters in Divinity in 2017.

When Alexis was 17, she and her family moved from North Carolina to Uganda to serve as missionaries. She saw the great need for the soul-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to spread across the world. After a year in Africa, she returned to the U.S. With Andrew’s encouragement, she moved to Minnesota and attended Bible college.

Andrew and Alexis were married in 2015. They have one child, Mariah.

“Psalm 145 so beautifully expresses the purpose of life,” says Andrew, “ which is to bring praise to the Lord, and tell all peoples of His wonderful goodness. We believe that we are placed by God here on the earth, to bring honor and glory to His name by using our gifts to serve Him and His church.”

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