Missionary Pilot, Papua New Guinea

Jonathan and Carrie Federwitz have been serving as missionaries in Papua New Guinea since 1999. They are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and associate members of Lutheran Bible Translators, supporting the work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea through aviation.

Jonathan is a pilot who flies Bible translators, their families, and others to and from remote areas within Papua New Guinea. Much of the country is rugged mountainous terrain with no roads. Often in a matter of minutes, Jonathan can fly over a distance that would take hours or days to travel by ground. Missionaries throughout Papua New Guinea depend upon airplanes for their basic travel needs and also for receiving mail and supplies.

Over 800 different languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea. As of 2012, 194 of those languages have received a New Testament translation. Jonathan spends an average of 35 hours a month flying in and out of tiny, unimproved airstrips to locations where over 200 more translation projects are currently in progress.

Carrie supports Jonathan in this ministry by taking care of the home and family. A great deal of her time is spent taking care of their four children: Nathan, Julia, Leah and Rachel.

Jonathan grew up in Liberia, West Africa where his parents, Dale and Alvina Federwitz, were missionaries with LBT. Carrie is the daughter Roger and Sharon Rekstad and grew up in the Midwest, where her father served as a Lutheran pastor. Jonathan and Carrie met at Concordia College in St. Paul, Minn., and were married shortly after their graduation in 1994. Jonathan then earned a commercial pilot and aviation mechanic license from Moody Aviation in Elizabethton, Tenn., graduating in May 1997.

Jonathan and Carrie realize that they would not be able to serve as missionaries in Papua New Guinea without a team of partners who stand behind them. Their partners include people who encourage them, pray for them regularly, and support them financially. Your partnership with the Federwitzes makes it possible for them to be a part of making God’s Word available to people in Papua New Guinea.

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