Software Developer, United States

Jon and Carol Shaneyfelt learned about the need for people with computer/technical skills to be involved in Bible translation from a friend who is a missionary pilot in Papua New Guinea. They discovered that there are over 200 positions available to people with computer/technical skills. Jon realized that his skills could be applied to technical support for Bible translation.

After prayer and consideration, Jon and Carol applied and were accepted as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and later became associate members of Lutheran Bible Translators. As they prepared for their roles at JAARS (Wycliffe’s technical branch), God affirmed to Jon and Carol that He wanted them to be involved in the task of Bible translation.

When Jon was asked by the leadership in language software development where he would most like to apply his skills, he responded, “I would like to work on what is most urgently needed”. He was then appointed to work with the Translation Editor. After two years of developing and testing Translation Editor, FieldWorks 6 was released. Jon then began work on researching and developing a computer power system monitor for Bible translators around the world, and continues to work on engineering electrical power systems for translation teams.

Carol helps share the vision of supporting Bible translation as a tour guide at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

Revelation 7:9 states that people from EVERY tribe, nation, language and tongue will be represented in heaven.  Translating Scripture into all languages spoken on the earth is helping to fulfill the Great Commission to go into ALL the world and preach the Gospel. People who receive a Bible in their own language see that God is including them in His invitation to heaven through faith in Jesus Christ.  Please pray for Jon and Carol as they support Bible translation with their time and skills. Please also pray and ask God how you might be involved.


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