Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown

LBT Volunteer, Sierra Leone

Hannah will play a critical part in the Themne translation project. The quality services she provides to the Wagner children allow both Josh and Ruthie to accomplish so much more than would be possible otherwise.

Josh and Ruthie have 3 boys Elijah, Isaiah, and Josiah. Her primary job will be caring for the boys while their parents are working, homeschooling Elijah, and just joining the Wagner family in their day to day life in Africa as they raise their boys.


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  • Wagner family with Hannah Brown
    Hannah with the Wagner family that she will be supporting.

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PRAY: We’re looking for people to commit to praying for Hannah.

The translators and all partners are deeply committed to the work, and would treasure your prayer covering Hannah. She will be sending out periodic updates on the work. Sign up for her newsletter!


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Hannah is excited for this amazing opportunity to serve alongside the Wagners in Sierra Leone for two reasons. In the last 5 years Hannah has been on 6 trips to Sierra Leone. During these past years Hannah has fallen in love with the country, the culture, and the people there. Not only has she spent several months in the country of Sierra Leone, but in the same city of Makeni where the Wagners live. Also for the past 4 years Hannah has been a full time nanny to 3 little boys (in between trips) and has absolutely loved watching them grow and being a major part of their everyday life. With Hannah’s love for Sierra Leone, and her love for nannying, she felt torn between both things and was happy when she heard that the Wagners looking for a nanny/teacher for their children.