Regional Director for Ghana and Cameroon

David and Valerie Federwitz have been serving in Ghana since 2003. Early on, David worked with Komba-speaking nationals to develop and complete a Komba language primer series. These primers teach sounds as letters and are used to educate the local people and to encourage reading and writing. He also helped identify and train literacy facilitators, supervisors, and other workers in the Komba Literacy and Bible Translation Project.

David continue to encourage and support the Komba Literacy and Bible Translation Project through frequent contact with the project coordinator and occasionally teaching workshops focused on using the New Testament (dedicated in 2014) and other Bible-related tools and resources. He is also LBT’s Regional Director for Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. He spends time with current and potential partner organization leaders in these countries, including Bible societies, church bodies, and groups that do language development work. He also supervises the LBT missionaries who work in these countries, encouraging and advising them as they serve in their individual paces and capacities.

Valerie manages their busy household, home-schools their children, and communicates with family and supporters.

David and Valerie have four children: Michaela, Josiah, Micah, and JoyAnna.

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