1. Pray for LIBTRALO (Liberian Translation and Literacy Organization) as they work hard to raise funds locally so they can complete the building of their new headquarters.
  2. Pray for God’s guidance for Karissa Esala as she makes decisions regarding college next year.
  3. Pray that God would bless Elliot and Serena Derricks with His wisdom as they continue in their studies and training at GIAL for the roles of Bible translation and Scripture engagement.
  4. Pray for God’s blessings upon Rob and Mical Hilbert as they celebrate their wedding anniversary. May God continue to guide and protect them as they serve in Botswana.
  5. Pray for Paul Federwitz and Eshinee Veith as they attend a training course in Thailand for Paratext, the software used in Bible translation projects.
  6. Pray for Rev. Michael Megahan and Rob Hilbert as they attend the Chikuhane workshop in Kasane, Botswana.
  7. Pray that God would provide a suitable location for the Nizaa Bible translation team’s office space within the Nizaa Quarter in Cameroon.
  8. Pray for the Wagner family as they work with the Themne translation and Scripture engagement efforts in Sierra Leone.
  9. Pray that God will give Michael Ersland and our fellow Komba brothers and sisters in Christ in Ghana strength to continue to grow in doing what is good.
  10. Praise God for the progress made with the Ekpari translation team in Nigeria.
  11. Pray for Martin and Joan Weber as they share their story and vision with supporters in Iowa, Ohio and Indiana. Pray that their message will be inspired and responses will be receptive.
  12. Pray for wisdom and grace upon Rev. Carl and Kelsey Grulke as they continue in their studies at GIAL in Dallas, Texas.
  13. Praise God for our faithful prayer partners and donors as they support the mission of Bible translation into the heart languages of people around the world.
  14. Praise God for Rob and Eshinee Veith as they serve in Botswana.
  15. Pray for Rev. Tim and Lisa Beckendorf, missionaries in the Khwedam Bible translation project in Botswana, as they travel in the United States for partnership development.
  16. Pray for Hannah Brown, nanny for the Wagner family, as she serves their family in Sierra Leone.
  17. Pray for Rev. Michael and Kara Kuhn and their family as they serve in the Nizaa Bible translation project in Cameroon.
  18. Pray for recruitment coordinator Tim Bain as he meets with college students at Concordia University Wisconsin to discuss opportunities for serving with LBT.
  19. Pray for Rev. David and Valerie Federwitz and their family as they serve in the Komba translation project in Ghana.
  20. Pray for blessings upon Amy Formella as she continues to meet with prayer and financial partners in preparation for her first term in Sierra Leone.
  21. Pray for Rev. Ken Bunge as he works with Chaldean Christians in Michigan to translate the Old Testament into modern Aramaic.
  22. Praise God for Dr. Jim and Susan Kaiser as they serve in Ethiopia.
  23. Pray that God will grant His assurance to LBT missionaries and staff, as they serve Him faithfully, even in the midst of the unknown.
  24. Pray for LBT and LBT-Canada as they meet together the next two days.
  25. Praise God for Becky Grossmann as she works with Bible translation teams in Liberia remotely from the United States.
  26. Pray for blessings of wisdom and peace for Mackenzie Kure as she serves as a nanny for the Kuhn children in Cameroon and continues adjusting to life on the mission field.
  27. Pray for LBT’s regional directors as they review budgets for 2017.
  28. Pray for Shekgalagari translators, Pontsho and Tshwari, and other translators in Botswana, as they depart for Zambia to attend translation training with The Word for the World.
  29. Pray that God will raise up new missionaries, prayer partners, and financial supporters of Lutheran Bible Translators as we continue to serve in His mission.
  30. Pray for Rev. Chuck and Karen Tessaro as they serve God in joy and thanksgiving alongside the Lutheran Church of Nigeria in various language projects.
  31. Pray for the Themne translation team and various church and community leaders in Sierra Leone as they work together to encourage use and understanding of God’s Word in their heart language.