1. Pray for Charlotte Brandt, Kathy Knipmeyer, and Maya Rudowske as they faithfully serve Lutheran Bible Translators in Gift Records at the international offices.
  2. Pray for Rev. Linus Otronyi as he attends the African Conference on Discipleship in hopes of incorporating Scripture Engagement.
  3. Pray for a night of good fellowship and celebration of the ministry of Lutheran Bible Translators at our annual dinner in Concordia, Missouri, with guest speaker Mart Green.
  4. Pray that God would grant His wisdom and guidance to the LBT board of directors as they meet in Concordia, Missouri.
  5. Pray for clear thinking for the students in the linguistics and Bible translation department at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria as they begin their exams and for their teachers, Rev. Kierien Ayugha and Rev. Chuck Tessaro.
  6. Pray for Rev. Carl and Kelsey Grulke as they continue in their studies at GIAL in Dallas before they begin partnership development. May God strengthen them daily.
  7. Pray for blessings upon Amy Formella as her church commissions her for service with Lutheran Bible Translators today.
  8. Praise God for the life of Marcella Federwitz, mother-in-law of Alvina Federwitz, who passed away on March 28th. Pray for the Federwitz family as they mourn their loss.
  9. Pray for God’s blessings upon Josh and Ruthie Wagner, their family, and nanny Hannah Brown as they share God’s love with the Themne people of Sierra Leone.
  10. Pray that God would strengthen adjunct missionary Rev. Michael Megahan in his travels to Tanzania and Botswana as he meets with partners and projects.
  11. Pray for Executive Director Dr. Mike Rodewald that God would bless him with wisdom and guidance in his leadership role.
  12. Praise God for Michael Ersland as he faithfully serves in the Komba Bible translation project in Ghana.
  13. Pray that God would provide His grace, mercy, and peace to Melissa Schweigert, Karen Campbell, and Emily Wilson, as they serve in Human Resources.
  14. Pray for God’s blessings upon Janet Borchard as she faithfully serves in the Ipili Bible translation project.
  15. Pray for blessings upon Michelle Miller as she celebrates her birthday today. May God bless her with His grace each day.
  16. Pray for productive sessions for Rev. Chuck Tessaro and the Ikwerre translation team in Nigeria as they meet to check through part of Psalms.
  17. Pray that God would bless Paul and Ali Federwitz and their children in their faith walk with Him as they serve with LBT in Ghana.
  18. Pray that God would inspire the Dan, Mann, and Gola Bible translation teams and their communities in Liberia with His mission and vision for His Word in their languages.
  19. Pray that He will give the Nizaa Bible translation team in Cameroon His wisdom and guidance in planning for translation work and working with ABC (Alliance Biblique Cameroun).
  20. Pray for Alvina Federwitz’s health as she suffers from arthritis. May God grant her discernment as she considers surgery.
  21. Pray that David Snyder and Linda Gari would be blessed with creative insight as they share the message of Lutheran Bible Translators in Communications.
  22. Pray for MaryJane and Audrey Grulke as they finish up their school year in Texas. Pray that they will have a smooth transition as they say goodbye to friends they made this year.
  23. Pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire and direct Rev. Dr. Tilahun Mendedo as he connects with LBT’s donors.
  24. Pray that God will bless Amy Formella with the fullness of His grace as she departs for Sierra Leone to serve in the Mende Bible translation project.
  25. Pray that God will bless the efforts of the Concordia Missions Institute (CMI) planning team as they prepare for the summer conference in July.
  26. Pray that God would bless Judy Krause with wisdom and peace as she serves in LBT’s Accounting department.
  27. Praise God for Rev. Linus Otronyi and Rev. Kierien Ayugha as they serve the Lord with joy and gladness in Nigeria.
  28. Pray that Rev. Rich Rudowske and Jim Laesch will be a blessing to missionaries and partners as they direct the projects in International Programs.
  29. As we remember those who have passed away in service to the United States this Memorial Day, we give thanks to God for being our strong defender.
  30. Pray for Rev. David and Valerie Federwitz, Jim and Susan Kaiser, and Rob and Eshinee Veith as they prepare to return the United States on furlough and partnership development this summer.
  31. Give thanks to God for Joe Dunsey’s many years of faithful service to Lutheran Bible Translators.Prayer