1. Pray for blessings upon Rev. Tim and Lisa Beckendorf and their sons as they serve in the Khwedam Bible translation project in Botswana.
  2. Pray for God’s abundant grace and peace to enrich Paul and Ali Federwitz and their family as they serve in Ghana.
  3. Pray for new executive development officer Rev. Dr. Tilahun Mendedo as he begins working with the LBT team to mobilize prayer and financial resources for Bible translation ministry.
  4. Pray for Becky Grossmann as she travels to Liberia to train the Gola candidates this month. Pray that God would bless the Gola translation team with His wisdom and guidance.
  5. Pray for the Wayeyi translation team in Botswana as they work on a consultant checking session for the first 12 chapters of Matthew in Shiyeyi this month. Pray that the product of that session would be the best that it can be and that they will be fully prepared for that session.
  6. Pray for Martin and Joan Weber as they travel to meet with partners in Canada. Pray that God would bless them with safe travels, messages to inspire His people, and good responses for prayer and LBTC support, and for strength and balance as they visit different people and places.
  7. Pray for Rev. Ousmanou Dieudonné (an EELC pastor and Nizaa translator in Cameroon), who will be participating in a workshop on using Ajamiya script. Pray that the Lord will use what he learns to better engage Nizaa speakers in using printed Nizaa materials.
  8. Praise God for a good workshop in the Chiikuhane language in Botswana last month. Pray for the team as they continue to set up their office and the project.
  9. Praise God for Becky Grossmann’s son, Micaiah, and how he is excelling in his studies this year.
  10. Pray for Rob and Mical Hilbert and the Shekgalagari Bible translation team in Botswana as they participate in consultant checking. Pray that these sessions will be fruitful.
  11. Pray for Rev. Berhanu Kambro, Engida Kussia, and the Konso Bible translation team in Ethiopia as they work toward the completion of the full Bible this year.
  12. Pray for guidance and peace upon Elliot and Serena Derricks and their daughters as they continue in their pre-field studies and training at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.
  13. Praise God for Rev. Larry and Mae Johnson’s decades of service with LBT.
  14. Pray for Rev. Nathan Esala as he meets with his PhD adviser and attends a conference this month.
  15. Pray for the Kerewe language community in Tanzania who are waiting for God’s Word in their heart language.
  16. Pray for Amy Formella to make good connections as she continues in partnership development before she begins her service in Sierra Leone.
  17. Rejoice with Rev. Mike and Kara Kuhn as they celebrate their son Gideon’s baptismal birthday and God’s work in his life. Pray for Mike and Kara as they work to help him grow in the Word and Spirit.
  18. Pray that Michael Ersland would be daily blessed with strength and God’s guidance as he serves in the Komba Bible translation project in Ghana.
  19. Praise God for the successful checking sessions for the book of Genesis by the Yala translation team in Nigeria. Pray for blessings upon their work as they hope to complete checking Genesis this month.
  20. Pray for Ali Federwitz and the Mobile Member Care Team in West Africa as they facilitate the Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop in Burkina Faso. Pray for positive interaction and learning at the workshop.
  21. Pray for Karen Campbell and her team as they plan for LBT’s annual mission conference – Concordia Mission Institute – held in conjunction with Mission of Christ Network.
  22. Pray for Janet Borchard as she prepares to return to Papua New Guinea to work with the Ipili Bible translation team.
  23. Praise God for missionary nanny Hannah Brown as she serves the Wagner family in Sierra Leone.
  24. Pray for Jim Laesch as he travels to Botswana to meet with missionaries. Pray that they will be enriched during these team meetings and receive God’s wisdom and guidance.
  25. Praise God for Rob and Eshinee Veith as they faithfully serve in Botswana.
  26. Pray that God would shower blessings of His grace and mercy upon Rev. Carl and Kelsey Grulke and their family as they continue in their pre-field training and studies at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.
  27. Please pray for Josh Wagner as he travels to Holland for a conference related to Scripture Engagement and for Ruthie, the Wagners’ sons, and nanny Hannah Brown as they remain in Sierra Leone.
  28. Pray that God would bless Mae Johnson richly with His grace, mercy, and peace as she celebrates her birthday.
  29. Praise God for the service of Alvina Federwitz both in Liberia and in the United States as she spreads awareness of the need for Bible translation.
  30. Praise God for the faithful service of Rev. Michael and Jo Ann Megahan in Botswana.
  31. Pray for the Kalanga Bible translation team in Botswana as they work toward completion of the full Bible this year.