1.   Pray that God would grant His wisdom and guidance to Lutheran Bible Translators’ missionaries and staff throughout 2017.
2.   Please pray for the Themne translation team, Bible Society in Sierra Leone, and the Wagners as they host translation engagement meetings in various Themne communities throughout the northern provinces of Sierra Leone.
3.   Pray for Martin and Joan Weber as they travel to Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and begin their Canadian furlough.
4.   Pray for Rev. Nathan and Sarah Esala and their family as they serve in the Komba Bible translation project remotely in the United States.
5.   Pray for blessings upon Elliot and Serena Derricks as they anticipate the birth of their second daughter.
6.   Pray for God’s blessings of grace and peace upon Karen Tessaro as she works in cooperation with the Lutheran Church of Nigeria.
7.   Pray for Ken Bunge’s transition in serving as an adjunct missionary with Lutheran Bible Translators this year.
8.   Pray that God would provide local support for the translation teams in Liberia. Pray that they will catch the vision for God’s Word in their heart language.
9.   Pray for the Zayse, Dirayta, Konso, Ale, and Tsamakko teams in Ethiopia as they translate God’s Word into their languages.
10. Pray for the International Program Ministries Administrative Team as they participate in meetings this month.
11. Pray for Rev. Kierien Ayugha, Rev. Chuck Tessaro, and the Bible translation department at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria as classes resume today.
12. Give thanks to the Lord for how He has blessed the work of LBT with many financial and prayer partners and dedicated missionaries and staff over the years.
13. Pray for blessings of unity, camaraderie, and inspiration from the Holy Spirit for the Nizaa Bible translation team as they work together to translate Matthew, Luke, and Old Testament tracts.
14. Praise God for Alvina Federwitz and her work with sharing the ministry of LBT with the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML).
15. Pray for Michael Ersland as he continues to learn the Komba language and culture in Ghana to begin working with the translation team this year.
16. Please pray for the Themne translation team and translation advisor Ruthie Wagner as they press on with Old Testament translation.
17. Pray for blessings of wisdom and direction to LBT’s missionary applicants as they meet with staff members at the international offices this week.
18. Pray for blessings of wisdom and peace upon Rev. Carl & Kelsey Grulke and Elliot & Serena Derricks as they continue their pre-field studies at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.
19. Pray for safe travels and productivity for LBT board members and staff who are traveling to Concordia University Texas for LBT’s January board meeting.
20. Pray for blessings of God’s wisdom and guidance for Rev. Linus Otronyi as he serves in Nigeria.
21. Pray for blessings upon Janet Borchard as she serves in the Ipili Bible translation project remotely in the United States.
22. Pray for God’s blessings upon Rev. David and Valerie Federwitz and their family as they serve in Ghana.
23. Pray for blessings upon the Lutheran Church of Nigeria leadership as they begin their five-year term. May God bless them with His wisdom and discernment.
24. Praise God for LBT’s missionary services manager Karen Campbell as she celebrates her birthday. Pray for Karen and her family as they move to Missouri this spring.
25. Pray for Rev. Linus Otronyi as he coordinates with communities in the Ogoja region in Nigeria to form audio Scripture listening groups using Megavoice® players. Pray that God will inspire people to prayerfully and financially support the project.
26. Pray that God would grant His wisdom to individuals who are considering missionary service.
27. Pray for blessings upon Rev. Tim and Lisa Beckendorf and their family as they serve in the Khwedam Bible translation project in Botswana.
28. Pray for Rev. Nathan Esala as he travels to Ghana to meet with partners in the Komba Bible translation project.
29. Pray for Amy Formella as she continues in partnership development of prayer and financial supporters in the United States before she begins her first field term in Sierra Leone this year.
30. Pray for Josh Wagner as he continues to meet with, support, and train Sierra Leoneans and other missionaries in the area of local language Scripture use.
31. Pray for God’s grace and peace to be with Rob and Mical Hilbert and their family as they serve in the Shekgalagari Bible translation project in Botswana.