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At LBT, we believe access to God’s Word brings transformation. We believe that the ministry of Bible translation belongs to the entire Church. By joining LBT you can help make that ministry more accessible both at home and abroad. Of the 7000+ languages in today’s world, fewer than 550 of them have access to the complete Bible, and fewer than 1,300 have access to the New Testament. About 180 million people today do not have any Scripture in their language. You can work with us to change that.

What positions does LBT recruit?

LBT needs you for a variety of roles. See the list of Missionary roles on the right sidebar (or on the bottom of the page if you are viewing on a smaller screen). 

What steps are involved in becoming a missionary?

Check out our overview on what it takes to become a missionary.

Are there any short-term opportunities?

Lutheran Bible Translators is working to develop more short-term mission opportunities so those who want to serve but cannot commit to several years at a time can contribute to our mission. Please call and ask for more details.

Can I talk to someone about this?

Yes! Our recruiter would love to talk to you. Please fill out this form, and a recruiter will be in touch with you shortly. You may also call us at 800-532-4253 to talk with Karen Campbell.

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