1. Pray for Amy Formella as she finishes up speaking in Arizona. Pray that she will soon be fully funded and approved for departure to her assignment among the Mende people of Sierra Leone.
  2. Praise God for Al and Becky Grossmann’s 26th wedding anniversary, as they celebrate their love and support for one another.
  3. Praise God for the work of Dr. Jim and Susan Kaiser as they faithfully serve in Ethiopia.
  4. Pray for God’s renewed strength and inspiration as Martin and Joan Weber travel in Canada to share about their ministry. Pray that God will raise up more prayer and financial support for their work in Cameroon.
  5. Pray for wisdom and creativity as Rev. Nathan Esala travels to Ghana to check the Old Testament translation work and to do contextual Bible studies among the Komba people.
  6. Pray for the Shekgalagari Bible translation project in Botswana as they hold a reviewers’ workshop for the book of Acts.
  7. Pray that Rev. David Federwitz’s visit to Cameroon will assist the Nizaa Bible translation project and will work to strengthen the partnership with the Lutheran church in Cameroon and the Bible Society.
  8. Pray for Rev. David and Valerie Federwitz and their family as they serve in the Komba translation project in Ghana.
  9. Praise God that LIBTRALO (Liberian Translation and Literacy Organization) is continuing the work of engaging Liberians with God’s Word in their heart languages. Pray for LIBTRALO as they strive to complete the task of building their office in Liberia.
  10. Pray for the Ikom cluster Luke partnership program workshop in Nigeria taking place over the next couple of weeks.
  11. Praise God for the birth of Josephine Derricks, the daughter of pre-field missionaries Elliot and Serena Derricks, last month. May God bless her as she grows daily.
  12. Pray for the Shekgalagari translators, Pontsho and Tshwari, and for Rob and Mical Hilbert as they work on team checking the books of John and Mark.
  13. Praise God for the new Khon team member, who will be helping develop the Khon language media Scripture engagement resources in Southeast Asia, such as a worship songbook. Please pray for God’s wisdom in this project.
  14. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the Kukele team who will be in Jos, Nigeria, to complete consultant checking.
  15. Pray for guidance and wisdom for the Khwedam Bible translation project. Pray that God will bless Rev. Tim Beckendorf, Splash, Moronga, and Moses with a very productive year.
  16. Pray that the translation consultant assigned to the Nizaa project will be able to visit the team in the near future.
  17. Praise God for Rev. Michael and Jo Ann Megahan’s many years of service in Botswana.
  18. Pray that God would bless the Human Resources team and Sarah Esala as they attend the MC2 Conference in Minneapolis about providing member care. May God guide these efforts within Lutheran Bible Translators.
  19. Pray for wisdom for Michael Ersland as he works alongside translators in the Komba Bible translation office in Ghana so that he may continually learn and grow in skill.
  20. Pray for the checking of 1 Corinthians with the Dirayta team in Ethiopia over the next couple of weeks.
  21. Pray for Rob Hilbert as he meets with the Veekuhane people (Chiikuhane language group) in Botswana for a workshop to discuss next steps in the project planning.
  22. Praise God for the work of Josh and Ruthie Wagner as they serve in Sierra Leone, and for Hannah Brown, as she serves as nanny to the Wagner children.
  23. Praise God for the work of LBT’s international associates Rev. Linus Otronyi and Rev. Kierien Ayugha. Pray that God will bless them with His grace and wisdom, good health, and travel mercies.
  24. Pray that God would raise up new financial and prayer partners for Lutheran Bible Translators, so that, together, we may continually increase our reach to make God’s Word accessible to people in their heart language.
  25. Pray for Rev. Carl and Kelsey Grulke and Elliot and Serena Derricks as they continue in their pre-field studies and training at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.
  26. Pray for Becky Grossmann’s daughter, Aletheia, as she celebrates her birthday. Pray that God bless her with His wisdom as she continues in the college search.
  27. Join Rev. Chuck & Karen Tessaro in giving thanks for the opportunity to serve various language projects under the Lutheran Church of Nigeria.
  28. Praise God for Rob and Eshinee Veith as they faithfully serve in Botswana.