2015 Tax Documents

We mailed out 2015 tax documents during the fourth week of January. However we are still (in February) receiving forwarded mail that was sent to our former Aurora address that is postmarked 2015! (For example, on Feb 5 we received a gift in an envelope postmarked December 18!)

If you sent a gift in December to our Aurora address, it may still be on its way. If you need an updated receipt, you can call any time and check. 1-800-532-4253.

Thank you for your desire to be part of this amazing ministry.

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(Please note that our online donations are processed through DonorPerfect.net, a company that specializes in secure donation transactions.)
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Do you need a year-end tax receipt? Your last donation receipt does have year-to-date totals and is adequate for tax preparation work. We plan to mail year-end statement by the end of January. Mail can take up to ten days for delivery. Due to our move from Aurora IL to Concordia MO, donations mailed to the Aurora address have been delayed in arriving at our new office. We will continue to credit donations postmarked by December 31 to the 2015 tax year. If we receive such a donation from you, we will reissue an adjusted year-end tax statement. If for any reason you need a replacement year-end statement, contact us through this form:

To: receipting department

There are a number of ways you can donate to LBT:

Automatic Contribution Plan: You may request an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to make an automatic monthly withdrawal from your checking or savings account. The advantage of EFT is that almost 100% of your donation gets to LBT. (Credit card companies take almost 3% of the cost of the transaction if you donate by credit card.)  Please see our Automatic Contribution Plan Form for more information.

Web Bill Payment: Many banks offer a “web bill payment” system that allows you to send a check from your bank to LBT every month. There are usually no fees for this. This keeps you in complete control of the donation schedule. Contact your bank for details.

Phone: Call us at 660-225-0810 or 1-800-532-4253 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. CST to make a credit card gift or set up an automatic contribution plan.

Please note: Recurring donations (by credit card or EFT) can only be changed or canceled by calling us at the number above. Our current software does not allow you to securely change a transaction over the web, only initiate one.