1. Pray for Rev. David and Valerie Federwitz and their family as they serve the Lord joyfully in Ghana.
  2. Pray for Becky Grossmann as she travels to Liberia this month to meet with translation teams for checking. Pray that God would bless their time with productivity and good dialogue.
  3. Pray for Rev. Nathan Esala as he travels to Ghana to do translation checking with the Komba Bible translation project.
  4. Pray that Tim Miller will be daily strengthened in the Word, as he and Michelle serve in Southeast Asia.
  5. Pray for blessings on Chris and Janine Pluger as they visit the international offices before Chris begins teaching in South Dakota this fall.
  6. Pray for blessings of strength, wisdom, and grace to Ruthie Wagner as she serves in the Themne Bible translation project.
  7. Pray for blessings upon Annabelle Hilbert as she grows in faith with each new day.
  8. Pray that God will bless Sarah Miller as she studies in Wheaton, Illinois.
  9. Pray for renewed strength and energy for Mae Johnson as she recovers from a bout of high blood pressure.
  10. Pray for Amy Formella as she continues in partnership development and prepares to travel to Sierra Leone this week.
  11. Pray for Alvina Federwitz as she travels along the East coast to connect LBT with Lutheran churches.
  12. Give thanks to God for the work of photography intern Michelle Griffith as she has served LBT this summer.
  13. Pray for the Grulkes’ children as they transition to living down in Texas and start attending new schools in the area.
  14. Thank God for Rev. Ousmanou Dieudonné who has been assigned to work in the Nizaa Bible translation project with the Kuhns in Cameroon. Pray for him and his family as they move to Galim.
  15. Pray for wisdom and guidance for college students as they prepare for another semester of studies.
  16. Pray for God’s grace and peace upon Elliot and Serena Derricks and Rev. Carl and Kelsey Grulke as they continue their studies at GIAL.
  17. Pray for Rev. Larry Johnson, who is working with the translation team for the Khwedam language project in Botswana this month.
  18. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Dr. Jim Kaiser as he works with the Konso translation team, checking over the first half of the translation of Ezekiel into the Konso language in Ethiopia.
  19. Pray for LBT’s recruitment coordinator, Tim Bain, as he prepares to travel to college campuses this fall.
  20. Pray for God’s blessings on the meeting of the Language Programs Coordination Forum in Nigeria.
  21. Pray that Janet Borchard will be strengthened daily and the fatigue she has been experiencing will be relieved.
  22. Pray for Josh and Ruthie Wagner, their sons, and Hannah Brown as they continue to serve remotely from South Africa. Pray that Josiah will reach full recovery from whooping cough by next month.
  23. Pray for Mackenzie Kure as she serves in Cameroon as a nanny for Rev. Mike and Kara Kuhn’s children.
  24. Pray for Tobias Kuhn as he begins first grade by participating in a joint learning session with other missionary kids in Yaounde, Cameroon.
  25. Pray for Rob Veith as he prepares to record the book of Luke in Shekgalagari early next month with the Hilberts.
  26. Pray for wisdom and strength for Michael Ersland as he continues in culture and language learning in Ghana.
  27. Praise God for LBT’s dedicated volunteers, who serve with joyful hearts.
  28. Pray for grace, mercy, and peace for Rob and Mical Hilbert as they serve in Botswana with the Shekgalagari Bible translation project.
  29. Pray for the Zayse, Dirayta, Konso, Ale, and Tsamakko teams in Ethiopia as they translate God’s Word into their languages.
  30. Pray for Martin and Joan Weber as they reconnect with their supporters while on furlough.
  31. Pray for Elliot and Serena Derricks, who are expecting their second child this upcoming January. Pray that God would bless Serena and the growing baby with good health.