1. Pray for Lutheran Bible Translators as we seek a training coordinator for our missionaries.
  2. Pray for the Kuhn family, especially Tobias, as he participates in joint learning sessions with other first grade missionary kids. Pray that his time in Yaounde, Cameroon would be a good time for learning and making friends.
  3. Pray for safe travels and good interactions for Executive Director Dr. Mike Rodewald at the Forum of Bible Agencies International meeting in Jerusalem this week.
  4. Pray that God would bless LBT staff members with dialogue and good interactions as they visit with students and faculty at Concordia College – New York.
  5. Pray for Rob Hilbert and Jim Laesch as they meet with partners at the Bible Society of Botswana. Pray for the translation work which is expanding to the Chiikuhane speaking communities this year.
  6. Pray that God would bless Amy Formella with good connections as she continues in partnership development in the U.S. before she begins missionary service in Sierra Leone.
  7. Pray for the missionary member care team as they process feedback and develop strategies for those who work for Lutheran Bible Translators.
  8. Praise God for the success of the Ikom language project workshops earlier this year in Nigeria.
  9. Pray for blessings of grace and peace upon Rev. Carl and Kelsey Grulke and their family as they continue in their pre-field studies at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.
  10. Pray for Janet Borchard as she continues to meet with the Ipili Bible translation team in Papua New Guinea.
  11. Pray that God would bless Rev. Linus Otronyi and Rev. Kierien Ayugha with good health, wisdom, and safe travels as they meet with the different language project teams in Nigeria.
  12. Give thanks to God for Michael Ersland, who has completed his first year living in Ghana. Pray that he will continue to be blessed with joy, guidance, and strength for the next year.
  13. Pray for blessings of wisdom and guidance upon Rev. Tim and Lisa Beckendorf as they serve in the Khwe Bible translation project in Botswana.
  14. Pray for Becky Grossmann as she travels to Italy for her second residency for her doctorate. Pray that God would keep her safe and would grant her clarity of mind as she meets with translators from around the world.
  15. Pray for the distribution and use of the Shiyeyi Scripture publication, entitled “Ni Totuzane Sha Mayi Nganii” (which means “Comfort Each Other With These Words”). These Scripture passages will be used during funerals and other occasions in Botswana where comfort is needed.
  16. Praise God for the wonderful message that we share through translation and Scripture engagement that “Christ is risen!”
  17. Pray that Rev. Nathan and Sarah Esala and their family would be blessed with joy, grace, and peace as they serve remotely from the United States in the Komba Bible translation project. Pray that Nathan would be blessed as he continues research for his doctorate.
  18. Pray for travel mercies and good dialogue for Rev. David Federwitz as he visits projects and partners in Nigeria.
  19. Pray for Mical Hilbert and the Shekgalagari Bible translation team that God would give them His wisdom and understanding as they finish team checking of the book of Mark in Kang, Botswana.
  20. Pray that God would bless Elliot and Serena Derricks with wisdom and peace as they continue in their studies at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.
  21. Pray for the translation checking of the book of Acts with the Nyangatom translation team and for Dr. Jim and Susan Kaiser as they continue to serve in Ethiopia.
  22. Pray for the Wagner family and nanny Hannah Brown as they serve among the Themne people of Sierra Leone. May God bless them with His grace and peace as they daily walk with Him.
  23. Pray for Rev. Dr. Michael Megahan who is traveling to Tanzania to help launch new linguistic and translation work among the Kerewe people.
  24. Pray for Jim Laesch, who is traveling with Michael Megahan in Tanzania to help facilitate workshop sessions so Bible translation work can begin on Kerewe Island.
  25. Pray for blessings of wisdom and good dialogue for Rev. Nathan Esala as he attends a translation conference in Italy.
  26. Pray for the international office staff members as they support the missionaries and international partners, provide service to prayer and financial partners, and serve in God’s mission through Lutheran Bible Translators.
  27. Pray that God would grant His travel mercies to Janet Borchard and Ruth Snyder as they return home from Papua New Guinea.
  28. Pray that God would grant safety to Ali Federwitz as she travels to the Netherlands to attend the Mobile Member Care Team international board meetings.
  29. Pray that God would daily bless Rob and Eshinee Veith with good health and His strength as they serve in Botswana.
  30. Pray for the Khwedam and Shekgalagari Bible translation teams as they work among the communities to produce literacy materials.