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Ruthie, from the Paediatric Ward! Praise be to God. Josiah and I are greatly enjoying the wireless snuggles, the ability to crawl around a bit, and much quiter environment without all the beeps of the NICU. While apnea is a reason to be in the NICU, most other babies were there because of prematurity... Josiah was in an isolated room with a contagious warning. I am thankful for the care, particularly the incredible doctor who has ordered many tests and is so gentle in his care for us. The test results still have not come back. We hope tomorrow. But in the meantime I'm so relieved to have my baby, my bags, my bed, and my food all in the same place. There's even accessible coffee... which I think should be added as an IV drip option for moms in the NICU. We still have no clue how long we'll be here and hope the results will give us a better idea tomorrow. The doctor said again today that he believes Josh and I suffered the worst of it in Sierra Leone (unfortunately very stressfully and terrifyingly). However, if the tests confirm pertussis, he also thinks the fight isn't over... 100 days of coughing is typical. Likely the apnea is over. Whew; we pray for that. With love, from Johannesburg, South Africa--longing for Sierra Leone.

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  • 22 Bible translations in process
  • 59 Scripture engagement programs
  • 4 language programs

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  • 7 million with access to completed Scriptures
  • 51 language groups
  • 15 countries

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key - red square Bible portions
key - green square Entire Bible
key - yellow square New Testament
key - orange square In progress
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Pray for patience, energy, wisdom, and memory as Michael Ersland learns the Komba language in Ghana. Pray that God will bless Eshinee Veith with His grace and peace this day as she serves Him in Botswana. Praise God for the ministry of LBT’s Director of Operations and...

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