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Michael Ersland spent a week taking a culture course at the Tamale Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies in Ghana. Here's a little bit of what he learned NOT TO DO in northern Ghana:

1) Folding your hands on your head to relax. This means death has occurred, so you fold hands on your head when you are mourning.
2) Shaking hands with the left hand. The left is considered the weaker hand and it is an insult to use it for other activities like waving and eating.
3) Giving a person a single "Thumb's up!" This is considered an insult. You can give a double "Thumb's up!" though!
4) Crossing your legs before an authority, instead you have your feet flat on the ground.

Want to learn more about Michael's ministry in Ghana? Visit lbt.org/project/michael-ersland/.
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  • 22 Bible translations in process
  • 59 Scripture engagement programs
  • 4 language programs

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  • 7 million with access to completed Scriptures
  • 51 language groups
  • 15 countries

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key - red square Bible portions
key - green square Entire Bible
key - yellow square New Testament
key - orange square In progress
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