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Pronunciation changes things.

"We've been doing team checking these last two weeks, and in reading back Luke 8:24 this morning, the drafter corrected the reader on the pronunciation of the word meaning "calm", as in "all was greatly calm".

She said that "qamwee" should be read "[about an octave higher than normal, sliding down gradually in pitch on the last vowel over several seconds] qamweeeeee!" So we had to discuss how to write that.

In natural Shiyeyi speech, the difference between "calm" and "greatly calm" is acted. We decided to add an exclamation point as they said that would be sufficient to indicate the difference.

Yet another reason to include audio recordings of Scripture in a media mix for more oral-oriented cultures." (Eshinee Veith, LBT missionary in Botswana)
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  • 22 Bible translations in process
  • 59 Scripture engagement programs
  • 4 language programs

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  • 7 million with access to completed Scriptures
  • 51 language groups
  • 15 countries

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key - red square Bible portions
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key - yellow square New Testament
key - orange square In progress
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